Restaurant Club: Pie Shop

Our latest restaurant club endeavor was to go to the Pie Shop! It’s super close to work, so I’ve eaten their pies a few times but have never actually been there. So last Friday, we made our way to the Pie!

Damn straight they do.

They had a ton of different pies, including quiche, desert pies, hand pies and dinner pies. We each chose a different pie and passed them around. Plus, a few scoops of ice cream and fresh whipped cream! It was yum! The four we chose were: Strawberry Lemon, Ganache, Apple and Blackberry Custard.

The Strawberry Lemon won first place, the Apple and Ganache tied for second, and the Blackberry Custard got third. I also went back on Saturday and had the Pineapple Chess. It was also delicious!

We love pie!!


One Comment on “Restaurant Club: Pie Shop”

  1. WOW where is this place??? all the desserts look delicious!!

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