Weekend Update- Memorial Day

Our Memorial Day weekend was rather uneventful. Friday was chill and Ryan cooked dinner and we watched The Pauly D Project.

Saturday I worked and got off early for the holiday weekend. I ran and got peaches from the Farmer’s Market. I was so excited! The first peaches of the summer!

This was going to be my weekend! Sunhat and peaches.

Saturday night was lazy and awesome. Ryan grilled out and Mikey drove up from Savannah so we watched The Sitter and Your Highness. Both really stupid and I will probably never watch either again. Although Your Highness had some pretty famous people in it, so that was surprising. But the boys seemed to enjoy both.

Sunday, I woke up stuffy, but felt fine so we went to church. After church, we went back to Ryan’s to get Mikey and head to the Braves game. We just hung out and tailgated and enjoyed the hot weather. I eventually felt worse and worse, but I made it through the game. Barely.

Sadly, Monday was a sick day. I literally laid in bed and did absolutely nothing. I felt terrible- stuffy, fever, aches, the whole nine yards. I was so bummed because we had planned to spend the day at the pool and I was super excited about laying out in the hot sun and just enjoying SUMMER. But, oh well. We ended up just going to his parents for dinner. They grilled out while I laid on the couch on the screened porch and watched Sports Nation and Restaurant Impossible.

So no. The weekend didn’t turn out at all how I had thought it would. It kinda stunk actually. But, at the same time, I can appreciate it. Ryan took great care of me the whole weekend. It makes me really excited to get married to him. Less than a year!


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