Wedding Planning

I don’t want this to turn into a wedding blog, but I don want to put some stuff down. I can’t share too much wedding stuff or Ryan will get mad. I just to have it for our memories. :)

So far, we have our wedding and reception venue. And the date. The wedding is going to be at the church I grew up at and the reception is going to be at a family friends’ yard across the street. We also have a back-up rain plan just in case. But the yard is a lot prettier, so I’m already praying that it won’t rain.

This guy (and about 3 of his friends) are in the back yard. It’s totally a sign!

On Sunday, Ryan’s mom and stepdad came out to Gboro to check out rehearsal dinner spots. We definitely got it narrowed down.

As far as “vendors,” we have a wedding planner and a DJ booked already. And the florist. The wedding planner was one my cousin used for her wedding in October. Her name is Nancy Kuperburg with No Regrets Events. Mama and I met with her a few weeks ago and she was so sweet and helpful. I am really excited that she is helping us! The DJ is Neal Howard with Atlanta’s Best Disc Jockey. He was the DJ for Brendan and Megan’s wedding about a month ago and Ryan really liked him. We met with him and it was a done deal! I am not in the business of shopping around forever if we don’t have to. Also, my uncle Andy is a florist, so he got that job, no problem.

We’ve met with one photographer so far and will probably meet with a few others just to be sure. But we really liked the girl we met with, so we’ll see. I’m also meeting a caterer and cake person on Monday, since I will be in Gboro from Father’s Day.

I’ve gone dress shopping twice and have looked high and low at bridesmaids’ dresses. The guys are wearing classic black tux, black bow tie and cummerbund- just like James Bond.

Shaken, not stirred.

We also made our first “big” purchase- the cake topper! Okay, $32 is not that big. But it was exciting!

Really, I think that’s all at this point. Nothing too huge, but we’re making steady progress. I know there’s still a ton to do! It’s hard to believe we have less than 11 months now! Time is going by so fast. May 4, here we come!



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