Olympics 2012

I’m sure by now that most of you have figured out I’m a huge band-wagon person. Trendy books (minus the 50 Shades of Grey series), music, movies, I’m so there. I love going to see movies at midnight when they come out. So it’s no surprise that I’m super into the Olympics.

Going into the Opening Ceremonies, I wasn’t really into it, but after figuring out what the ceremonies were about, I loved them and was immediately into Olympic mode.

So far, I’ve loved watching the gymnastics (men’s and women’s), swimming and women’s synchronized diving. The American women won the gold medal and they were so good and exciting! Our women haven’t won gold since the 1996 Olympics. Magnificent Seven!

I remember watching them at the beach and Chance and me doing flips around the house and declaring that we wanted to take gymnastics. Ha!

But really. What is it with the bad gymnastics hair? The Mag Seven had those awful bangs and now the trend is scrunchies, those weird buns and bendy clips. Oh, well. I guess they have more important things on their minds.

But I did love their grey jacket and green shoes. Adorable.

(Why do I have a post about the Olympics and it turns into fashion? This is my life. Geez.)



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