10 Happy Things

I fell off the blogging wagon once again. Which I guess is better than falling off the alcohol wagon and also better than literally falling off a wagon. But a blog that I read pretty regularly, The Frugal Girl, did a “10 Happy Things” post last week, so I though I would play along and that it would be an easy way to jump back on the train.

1. Cleaning off surfaces in my room

Ryan very much gets credit for this because the other day, he started riding me about how messy my room was. So I cleaned it up and he noticed. Yes, I have a tendency to be on the messy side. I just happen to think there are more important things in life. But I also know that if I have a clean room, I feel a lot better about my life and myself. So there’s that, too.

2. Re-organizing my bookshelf.

This one kind of goes along with the answer before. I don’t have before pictures, but I got in a mood the other day because my books were all over the place, so I did some quick rearranging. It’s not perfect, but the horizontal books are ones I’ve yet to read and the vertical ones I have read. But never fear. A. most of the new books are from Goodwill and B. I left a LOT of books at home that I’ve previously read. So most of the read books are beloved ones that I had to have with me.

By the way, isn’t read and read the most confusing part of the English language? Awful.

3. Having a boss/job that is flexible and understanding.

When I went to Charlotte last week to see my grandmother, there was no questions, just encouragment and prayers. I love the people that I work with and am so thankful that I also am able to count them as friends.

4. My new hat.

I so want to be a hat person, but I always feel silly and awkward in them. But I wear them anyway and pretend that I’m not. And I think most people don’t know the difference. So I guess the fashion lesson here is, if you like something but think you’ll look weird, rock it and no one will know the difference.

5. Ice cream.

Last week at work, our air conditioning was broken, so I told Ryan I wanted ice cream for dinner. Although I knew we would not actually have it for dinner, he did buy me some and it was really delicious. If you are a fan of Butterfinger, I highly recommend this ice cream. Also, a few weeks ago, Isabelle tweeted about this ice cream from Publix and I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I had to run out and get it. It. Is. Delicious. And chocolatey and just wonderful.

6. Friends and family

Two weeks ago, I got some news that sucked. And then I wrote a blog post about it. But the comments and calls and texts I got about it made me feel loved and prayed for, which is the best feeling. Really, if you have some reckless prayers, will you share them with me? I’d love to pray for you.

7. Wearing old clothes

This one sounds weirder than it really is. But I’ve noticed lately that I’ve been wearing a lot of clothes that I’ve had for several years and I still love them. This makes me happy because it means I’m not spending a lot of money revamping my wardrobe every season. I still haven’t really broken out into buying clothes from Goodwill yet because honestly, I’m too into fashion and my job somewhat requires me to look fashionable/trendy/at least not totally out of style. But I may get there.

8. Going to the beach

We got home yesterday from a quick beach trip with Ryan’s family. Admittedly 3 days is definitely not long enough, but I’m not sure any amount of time at the beach is long enough. But it was a great trip and nice to spend an extended amount of time with his family and realize that I do still want to marry their son. :) But anytime I get to get away from life is a good time.

9. Doing things consistently

I’ve started a couch to 5k plan and I’ve been reading my Bible more regularly, both of which are things I should ALWAYS be doing. So it’s nice that I’m actually getting on that! It’s been good for my mind, body, and soul.

10. This Girl

Because I hope when I’m faced with a bully or someone that is not nice to me, I handle it as Christ would have. He dealt with bullies every day. Thank you Rachel, for reminding me.


One Comment on “10 Happy Things”

  1. Iz says:

    Love you! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers! As always, love reading your blog! Keep me posted on the couch to 5k plan … I am thinking about doing something like that myself! Lets get together soon! xoxo, Iz

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