Gentlemen of the Road

It’s been a busy past few weeks. Ryan and I went to the beach with his family for a few days, then went up to Bristol, Tennessee/Virginia for Mumford and Sons’ Stopover Tour and work last week was ca-razy, capped off with a work party on Friday and wedding in North Carolina Saturday and dinner and hanging out with Pease and Ross last night. Plus I’m moving next week and Ryan and I are taking our engagement pictures. So the little time I’ve had has gone to running instead of blogging. But right now I’m blogging instead of running, so wash.

I’ll blog the beach later, but I’m going to start with our Bristol trip because I’ve already got those pictures loaded to Flickr. We left Friday night after work and headed straight to the hotel. I was very impressed with myself because I didn’t sleep the entire way up there, even though I was super tired.

I have a million pictures just like this.

Big fan of this picture of us.

Saturday morning, we got up and headed straight to the site of the concert. It was really like a mini-festival since there were about 10 bands there. The doors didn’t open until 2, so we just walked around downtown Bristol and had breakfast at the Burger Bar. It was the last place Hank Williams was seen alive, so that was pretty cool. Even though I’m pretty sure he died waiting on his food.

I’m not sure how it takes an hour to scramble some eggs, but apparently it does. I’m also not sure if the food was delicious or if we were just so hungry it tasted amazing. Either way, it was some awesome bacon.

After breakfast, we met up with our friend James and explored Bristol and all of the antique shops! I was in Heaven! I told Ryan that if we had a house, I would have probably walked away with a lot more stuff.

I think it’s so cool that the town is in 2 different states, but I have a million questions about laws and regulations that they have.

After eating lunch at a BBQ place, it was about 1:30 so we headed to get in line so we wouldn’t be at the back of the stage.

I fit in a lot better in my hat.

Although there were some questionable fashion choices. This girl was actually pretty tame. I really wondered if people wore those shredded maxi skirts in real life or if that was just their festival wardrobe.

Finally, we got in and found our spot while we waited for the shows! First up was Apache Relay. (I’ve only heard of most of these bands because of Ryan. But I do like them all.)

Then was Justin Townes Earle. I really liked his music, but he didn’t seem to be too into the show. Awesome bluesy country.

Next came Dawes, who is also awesome. They are from Nashville, but definitely not a country band. Marcus Mumford came out to sing one song with them and everyone went crazy.

Then we had a super long wait for Mumford, but it was totally worth it.

They are by far one of the best concerts I’ve seen. Everyone loved them and they were super awesome and fun. Seriously, if you like their music, go to their show and you will be an even bigger fan.

To finish off the show, Mumford brought out all of the bands and they performed Wagon Wheel together! Definitely a highlight! I can’t wait to see them again!


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