A Great Weekend

This past weekend was one of those just normal, awesome weekends. I finally feel like this week might be “normal” after the last few weeks being so super crazy. Things are settling down and I’m getting in my groove. I don’t have many pictures from the weekend, but what I lack in pictures, I make up for in Pinterest recipes.

Thursday night, I took Ryan to the airport so he could go to the Georgia/Missouri game. He took an earlier flight than everyone else. Of course we got to the airport super early, so we ate dinner and chilled for a while before he had to go. I snuck this picture of him while we were eating. I feel cheesy saying it, but I really missed him.

Friday night, I invited Iz over for dinner and a glass of wine. We were also going to work on wedding crafts, but that got trumped for Kenya baby crafts. So much sweeter and more fun.

I made this really yummy tomato and corn pie. I subsititued the mayo for yogurt to make it a tiny bit healthier. Next time, I will roll the crust out much thinner, but this is a keeper.

Source: clockworklemon.com via Sloan on Pinterest

Saturday, I worked and then rushed home to fix food to watch the Georgia-Missouri game. I was originally going to have people over to my apartment to watch the game, but then we discovered it is way too small, so Sarah volunteered to host. Everyone brought some great food, but Mardis’s Pizza Rolls were the biggest hit. I made these bacon wrapped Lil Smokies and this cheddar ranch bacon dip. Basically, everything I made tasted like bacon. The Lil Smokies, I used grape jelly instead of maple syrup because I don’t eat that much syrup, but they still turned out great. The dip I just made straight up and served with cucumbers and carrots.

Source: tastykitchen.com via Sloan on Pinterest

Source: plainchicken.com via Sloan on Pinterest

The game itself started off a little rough, but Jarvis Jones took things into his own hands (literally) and turned the game around for us. It was awesome and great to see the second half adjustments and that our guys didn’t give out in the 4th quarter. It was a great game for us. And when we finally get those 4 suspended players back, we should be relatively unstoppable. decent. I don’t want to jinx us. Let’s be real. I could blink wrong and we’ll lost this week to Florida Atlantic.

Sunday, I finished up some things around the apartment and went to Ikea. I knew if I tried to get Ryan to go with me, it would be like the 7th level of hell for him. So I went and got a couple of things and let me just say, I put it all together by my self. Well, Ryan helped a little bit, but I mostly did it my self. (And that’s a whole nother blog post.)
And that was basically my weekend. Simple, but good. Just normal, which is exactly how I like them.

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