Ging and Bobbi’s Wedding

A few weeks ago, we all piled into the car and headed to the beautiful mountains of North Carolina for Ging and Bobbi’s wedding. Their wedding was at Ging’s parents’ mountain house and it was a perfect setting. We all rode an old school bus up the mountains to the house!

The ceremony overlooked the lake. It was stunning. Before it started, we took the opportunity to snap a few pictures.

Their wedding had a Tiffany & Co./Star Wars theme. Random, but totally them. When they left the ceremony, the groomsmen held up light sabers and they walked out to the Star Wars theme. So fun.

The food was awesome! Sarah was totally obsessed with it. It was great. The caterer was just a guy that owned a local sandwich shop, but he did a fantastic job.

Of course, the cake looked like Tiffany boxes.

Sunsets are never as beautiful on camera as they are in person. I think God does that on purpose.

The toasts by the dads were so sweet. I had tears in my eyes (of course.) But this is also a great picture of Bobbi’s dress. It was amazing. I wish I had a good one of the bridesmaids’. They were BCBG and fabulous. Very unexpected for bridesmaids, which I loved.

They had karaoke. The guys loved it.

And then we danced the night away to Call Me Maybe.

And sang oldies all the way back down the mountain. It was a joyful, perfect night!


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