Back Home Where I Belong

Saturday morning, I woke up and went to work like usual. But the UNusual thing was that I packed these:

My gameday shoes!

Yep, it was finally time for me to watch a Georgia game in person.

Last year, I didn’t miss a single game. This year, I have no idea how many games I will be able to go to. It’s weird and different, but I love my job, so it’s a sacrifice that I’m willing to make.

The game was at 7:30, so as soon as the clock hit 6, the door was locked and I was on the road! When I got to Athens, I ran-walked downtown and then grabbed a cab when I got downtown to the stadium.

Best $5 I’ve ever spent.

I ran up the stairs and saw Sarah jump up out of her seat. I sat down about 2 minutes before kickoff. I couldn’t believe I made it!

I have missed this sight.

Quite frankly, the game was pretty boring. FAU is just not that good and we pretty much just dominated. It was just great to be back in Sanford Stadium, surrounded by my people.

I can’t wait to do it again next week!


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