Friday Five 09.28.12

This Friday Five is brought to you by Fall shoes, Trader Joe’s and engagement pictures!

Yep, it’s officially Autumn. I brought out the mocs on Monday and wore my boots yesterday. My favorite part of any season is the clothes. Obvi.

Going to the grocery store used to be the bane of my existence. I hated it. Too many people running around, getting in my way. Plus, I always felt overwhelmed by the options. But then, I discovered Trader Joe’s. Obviously, I’d heard of it for years and it was especially popular with my group of friends for their inexpensive wine collection. But then, I finally went it. The people were SO nice and friendly, reasonable food prices, healthy food. Plus, I love their mission of being kind to the planet. One day, I will write a ranting blog post about how plastic is destroying the earth, but until then, I will enjoy my peanut butter in the glass jar thankyouverymuch.

Monday, I started Bible study again! Yay! This fall, we are going through Beth Moore’s James study. I am so excited to dive in. There are different levels you can do and one of the levels includes writing the entire book of James. It’s pretty short at only five chapters. I started and I have to say, I love seeing the words written in my own handwriting. I’m thinking I may add to my bucket list to write the entire New Testament. This might make me a nerd, but it is SO fun!

The last two times I have been to Target, I have purchased only what I needed and left! I can’t believe it. I almost don’t even recognize myself anymore. I also realized that both times, I have bought something that I don’t need, so I am going to take them back. I might even get super ambitious and return them without buying anything else. I think this means I may be curing my shopping addiction. Stand back.

The most exciting thing from this week is that we got our engagement pictures in the mail!! Whoohoo!!! Well, the cd anyway. But that means that our save the dates will be able to be chosen, printed out, addressed and mailed in a timely fashion. We just need to narrow down the guest list first……


2 Comments on “Friday Five 09.28.12”

  1. Kristin says:

    I LOVE the Mercy Triumphs study! I did it with my church last Spring with my mom! SO so wonderful!

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