31 Days of Simplicity: Day 4

I have a few other goals in mind for October. In addition to giving up TV and getting rid of things, I’m also doing two other things during my month of simplicity. I’m not spending any money (other than at the grocery store) (ok, I’m trying to only spend money at the grocery store) and I’m working hard to finish a few sewing/craft projects around here. It will be easier to get that done when I know I won’t be distracted by the TV.

My spending money plan is killing two birds with one stone- I’ll definitely be saving money but then I also won’t be bringing anything into the house that I don’t need.

For the most part, my projects are fairly simple. They are just ones that I need to do and finish up. I am, after all, the Queen of Unfinished Projects. It will be nice to go to bed at night not thinking about what else I need to get done.

So there you have it. My 31 day plan. I’m cleaning out things, turning off the TV, not spending any money and finishing up some projects. I realize that’s pretty ambitious. But if you don’t set goals, you can’t achieve them, right?

I feel like that’s something Oprah would say…..


One Comment on “31 Days of Simplicity: Day 4”

  1. Cathy Rhodes says:

    You can only be the Princess of Unfinished Projects because I am the Queen!

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