31 Days of Simplicity: Day 6

One of the things that I’m getting rid of is clothes. I have A LOT of clothes. At this point, I’ve gotten rid of most of the clothes I don’t like, but now I’m working on the clothes I do like.

Yep, I’m getting rid of clothes I like and even sometimes wear. Because the truth is, I just have way. too. many. clothes. There are children in this world that don’t have clean water to drink and I have six pairs of flip flips (at least). Plus, I never know what to wear. And cutting back on my clothes will help that.

I have a thing for white shirts. In college, I wore a lot of white v-neck Haynes t-shirts. And I still wear a lot of white shirts. And I apparently particularly have a thing for white shirts with ruffles.

Yep, three. And that doesn’t include the at least three other white shirts.

And yes, I have worn all of these in the last year, which seems to be most organizers golden rule. But still. Three ruffled white shirts does not equal simplicity.

So as of today, I now own two white ruffled shirts.



2 Comments on “31 Days of Simplicity: Day 6”

  1. Erika says:

    Getting rid of clothes you LIKE and WEAR??! That sounds horrifying! On the one hand, I get it…but on the other hand, my jaw is hanging open. :) Kudos to your commitment to simplifying!! (Let me know if you start missing the rejected white shirt, though. Poor guy.)

    • sloandefyinggravity says:

      I definitely will, but I’m doubting it. It needed to be ironed and I’m not super on top of that (and I don’t own an ironing board). (I do own an iron though. Not a total heathen.)

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