31 Day of Simplicity: Day 11

Yesterday, I took a blog day of silence in remembrance of Matt Turner. He was a news anchor in Arkansas that passed away in a car accident on Saturday night. I’ve read his wife’s blog some and marveled over their daughter’s hair. It was (yet again) a reminder that life is fleeting and we need to cherish every moment that we have.

And that is part of why I’m doing 31 Days of Simplicity. Because I spend far too much time caring about things that are of this world and not nearly enough time taking care of things that are eternal. And I also spend too much time thinking about things and people that really have no bearing on my life.

One way that I’m simplifying that is by reducing my media intake. In other words, I unfollowed and defriended a bunch of people. In other words, sorry Jordyn Weiber, but I don’t need to follow you on Twitter anymore because the Olympics are over. And sorry random girl that I friended when you were a pledge and I was a senior in the sorority. You no longer have any bearing on my life. Not that you ever did.

I also simplified my phone. The sad truth is, our phones have become an extension of us. If I accidentally go somewhere without my phone, I alternate between having a panic attack and relishing in the freedom. So I deleted a bunch of apps off of it and a bunch of pictures that I needed in the moment, but not anymore. I still haven’t gotten used to where all of my stuff is on my phone, but I no longer feel overwhelmed seeing all of these apps that I no longer need or use. I really don’t miss any of them. And if I do, I can always download them again.

And that’s really what this exercise is all about for me. Streamlining my life so that I can take care of the things that are actually important and can let go of things that aren’t.


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