31 Days: Day 14

Right now, Ryan is watching the Falcons and I’m blogging. I was reading and then Ryan reminded me that I hadn’t blogged yet today. Oops! I just started a new book and I’m excited about it. I love Philippa Gregory’s novels.

But back to me getting rid of stuff.

I have a sentimental attachment to clothing. I remember what I wore certain times and certain places. I also have clothes that weren’t cheap that it kills me to get rid of. But the truth is, I’ve gotten my use out of them and now they are just taking up space.

Case in point: long sleeve polos. I wore these all the time in college. And they aren’t cheap, even though I did get them from the outlet. I tried to wear them recently because now it’s trendy for girls to wear them buttoned all the way to the top with a big necklace. I couldn’t get the neck buttoned. So I’m giving up and getting rid of them.

I guess I’m just not supposed to be that trendy.



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