31 Days: Day 17

A few days ago, I posted about some makeup that I got rid of. And then I got a comment reminding me of all the OTHER makeup that I have for “just in case.” Well, two years later, “just in case” still hasn’t arrived, so it was trash time.

Starting from the top left: an extra of my “spring/summer” eyeshadow; an eyeshadow from elf when I placed a bulk order because that stuff is so dang cheap; eyebrow powder of which I already have one; teal eyeshadow because I was told by some magazine that it was trendy and could be worn day or night by normal people; red lipstick I bought for Vegas- my mouth is too small for red lipstick; dark eyeshadow from elf for a smokey eye- I’m so not a smokey eye kind of girl; eyeshadow from when this matching your eyeshadow to your eye color craze started- guess what? lime green eyeshadow looks weird; an old eyeshadow from my mom.

So I kept these two. If I had remembered that I had this stuff in the first place, I wouldn’t have had to buy the eyeshadow a few weeks ago because I could have used that Estee Lauder stuff. And I know I will use the other eventually.

That’s the problem with having too much stuff- you don’t even know what you have! I had been keeping these in my medicine box, waiting on the perfect occasion, which never came. And eventually I forgot that I even had them. So now these are kept in my makeup bag with the rest of my makeup.

And these are in the trash.


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