31 Days: Day 24

Part of my 31 Days is no TV on Tuesdays, so that I will take that time and actually get some things done, because I am the Princess of Unfinished Projects. (Last time, I said I was the Queen and Mama corrected me and said she was the Queen, so that made me the Princess.

Well, my Tuesday nights have been surprisingly busy, so I haven’t actually had a chance to get much done, but on Monday, I actually had (most) of the day off, so I took the opportunity to get a project done.

Now, here is where I admit a shameful secret.

I made this pillow using a tutorial from Jones Design Co about 2 (um, maybe closer to 3) years ago.

Super cute, right? Red gingham and ruffles, you can’t go wrong. But this little guy had a dirty secret.

(Cue the screachy Halloween music.)

Yes. For THREE YEARS this pillow has been unfinished. Which means I have MOVED this pillow like this. Y’all. Clearly, I have a problem.

So Monday night during Gossip Girl, I grabbed a needle and thread and 15 minutes later, it was finished

Now, it’s not the best finishing job ever, but still. This is just ridiculous. So now, he’s very happy that his butt is covered up.

And so am I.


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