31 Days: Wrap Up

I have a need to wrap this 31 days up cleanly, for some reason. I intended to do it on the 31st, but life this week has been crazier than usual and it just simply got away from me. And I didn’t realize the post that actually was published on the 31st was scheduled, so it went up on accident. Oops. Oh, well. I’m sure no one even noticed.

Ok. So how did I do? First of all, I didn’t write for 31 days straight. BUT, I’m totally ok with that. I know of several bloggers that quit all together and not even the Nester did every single day. Perfection was not the goal here. But I did enjoy writing almost every day and it made me get in a blogging groove. After that, my goals were to get rid of things, spend no money except at the grocery store, not watch TV on Tuesdays and to finish some sewing projects. I realize these are pretty lofty. If I had been able to finish every single one, I think it would have been a miracle. But again, perfection was not the goal. Improvement is good enough for me.

I did GREAT on the getting rid of stuff. I have several bags stuffed to the brim of stuff that I am getting rid of, especially being fueled on by Jen Hatmaker’s 7. I could still get rid of more. But progress has been made and will continue to be. (Sidenote: Ryan asked me the other night if I was going crazy and joining a cult with all of this cleaning out stuff. Um, no buddy. I’m trying to make room for you.) But I do still have pictures of jeans and shoes and coats on my computer that I should unload on you.

Not spending money… well, that was a fail. I definitely did. BUT I will say I was much improved. I only ate lunch out twice (I think) and that was because of lack of preparation. It happens. Sometimes you just have to cut yourself some slack. I also ate breakfast at home almost everyday, which was a win. But I realized before that I was spending money unnecessarily. Going out for lunch does not bring me great joy. Buying paint for a wall does. I think this exercise made me realize where my priorities were. I only went into Target once, and that was mostly to return some stuff. I looked around and ended up only buying a card. There were some clothes and other stuff that I liked, but not enough to pull the trigger. Besides, I was in the middle of getting rid of in order to simplify, not getting rid of in order to replace.

No TV Tuesdays would be a semi-success. Which I guess also means semi-fail, but hey, glass half full. The first Tuesday, I didn’t get home from work until after midnight, so all good there. The next Tuesday, I didn’t turn on the TV, but I stayed on the computer way too long. The 16th was Ryan’s birthday, so we watched some TV together. The next Tuesday I think was more successful, but I’m drawing a blank. And this week, Sarah came over and we did crafts and started Friday Night Lights. So not a success or a failure, in my eyes. But again, this is one that I am going to keep working on. I enjoyed having a day where it was just quiet. It was so nice.

The sewing projects, well, one got done. The easy one. But again, progress.

As far as the simplicity goes, yes, I got rid of some stuff and cut back on other stuff. But the truth is, life has just been complicated lately. Between family, work, Bible study, trying to be a decent friend and fiancee, planning a wedding, things are just crazy. In both bad and good ways. But this my life. And I love it.


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