Books, Edition 25

Yep, a few more books I’ve crossed off my list.

First up was Erma Bombeck. Y’all, she is the bomb. This was an awesome book and I will be scouring Goodwill for her from now on. (Except Sarah sent me an article from the AJC that said Value Village is the best thrift store in Atlanta. So I will definitely be finding one and hitting it up. But the Goodwill is on my way home from work, so there’s that.)

Next, I read a book that I got for free from goodreads. They will randomly send books that are being released for you to review. It’s awesome. I was very surprised to win, I will say that! The book was just okay, though, and I’m thinking I won’t want to read it again, so it maybe going into the Goodwill pile, but I haven’t decided yet.

The next book I read was Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. I’ve read it before, but I had the sequel sitting on my bookshelf for a long time, so I wanted to read this one again before I read the sequel. I really liked this book and the twist at the end (which I had totally forgotten about) left me in tears.

Unfortunately, I didn’t like the sequel as much. I can’t even really explain why. It was fine, just not my favorite. It’s outta here.

I’ve had God and Football for years. I bought it when it first came out and never got around to reading it. I decided that since it was football season, I would go ahead and read it next. It took me FOREVER to get through it. I just couldn’t get into it. And the truth is, I didn’t feel all that inspired by it. So, Goodwill pile.

Of course, The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory was another Goodwill find. I have read a lot of other books by her, but this one may have been my favorite. It was about Katherine of Aragon, who was Henry VIII’s first wife. I didn’t know a lot about her, so it was a great history lesson.

Let me just tell you. I wanted to read 7 before I did my 31 Days series, but it was a fiasco. I finally recieved it the last week, and let me just tell you. I finished it in three days. This book is AMAZING and Jen Hatmaker may be my newest blog crush. She is hilarious and the book is written “blog style,” so it is easy to read. I felt convicted and challenged, but not judged. In fact, I’m thinking this may be on my yearly read list along with Blue Like Jazz. Read it. You will not regret it.

The last book I’ve finished was Savannah Breeze by Mary Kay Andrews. It was just a fun, girly read like all of her books are. I actually chose this for our book club this time, so I’m excited to see what Kacina, Sarah and Jamie think about it.

I read THREE books during the month of October. I haven’t done that in years. In high school, I probably used to read about 6 books a month, but the truth is, I just haven’t been making time for it like I should be. But no more! I am excited to keep the TV and computer off and read to my heart’s content!




2 Comments on “Books, Edition 25”

  1. Erika says:

    Great reviews!! You know, I picked up that Phillipa Gregory book at the library and read the back and was like “HOW IS SLOAN READING THIS??!” It just did NOT sound exciting. Maybe I’ll try it and see, since you seemed to like it so much. I hope I get some free books from Goodreads– that would be awesome!!

  2. Wow! What a great list.
    Friday Night Knitting Club – great book! I laughed and cried. The sequel was ok but I’m with you – it was not as good as the first! (I understand she has a Christmas book out, ‘Knit the Season’, that takes the group one step further, fyi)
    The Constant Princess – incredible! Gregory has such a way of capturing specific slices of history.

    I’ve not heard of 7 before your mention of it here, but now I am intrigued. I am definitely putting it on the list! It’s on there with Blue Like Jazz which I have heard nothing but good things about. :)

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