Restaurant Club: Antico Pizza

Now that 31 Days are over, I am finally back to blogging about what life has held for me.

Which includes PIZZA. And I mean real, fresh, authentic pizza. Yes, Antico.

A slight disclaimer: I’ve never actually been Italy. But I’m pretty sure this is about as close to real, Italian pizza that you can get in Atlanta.

Sarah and I ordered the classic Margharita pizza and a Nutella cannoli. If you want, you can even BYOB. After you order, you squeeze into this room, family style. This is how crowded it was at 8:30 on a Tuesday night. You can’t even get in on a Saturday. That’s how popular this place is.

And for good reason. They just slap the cookie sheet down in front of you and you dig in.

The key word here is fresh. Fresh dough, fresh sauce, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil. Typically, I like the STUFF on my pizza- the more toppings and flavors, the better. But this is just pure pizza. It was amazing.

For dessert, Sarah and I shared a Nutella cannoli. I am not a traditional cannoli fan. But a Nutella cannoli, I can get behind. Even Sarah said it was the best cannoli she has ever had, which we all know is HIGHEST PRAISE.

So Anitco, you get 4 thumbs up from the S and S Restaurant Club. We WILL be back!


One Comment on “Restaurant Club: Antico Pizza”

  1. Jami says:

    Sooo much great Italian pizza in SF that I’d love to show you. :)

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