Friday Five: 11.09.12

Ah, getting back in the swing of things after my strange October. The sounds like the name of a band. Is it the name of a band? I have no idea. But I have to say, lately, Taylor Swift has been getting on my nerves more and more. I loved her first two albums, but now it’s just like she’s crazy serial dater. And it’s a little annoying. ANYWAY. I have no idea how I got on that topic.

I’m somewhat obsessed with the leaves outside my windows right now. They are BEAUTIFUL and I love them. I will be very sad when all of the pretty leaves are gone. I’m already on the depressed side that it’s absolutely pitch black out when I leave work now. Boo.

This made me laugh. And if I had thought about it, I may have done the same thing….

Even though I don’t have a picture of it, Sarah, Kacina and I did our book club this week. I always love seeing what everyone picks and then hearing what we all thought about it. And I love discovering new books and authors I wouldn’t have read otherwise.

The other week, Mama and I went to North Carolina to see Mimi and Papa. On Monday, we walked into Papa’s room and he was asleep, wearing this shirt. We both cracked up at him, wearing two days early. The nurses said he insisted though.

Last but not least, I’ve discovered Joe Joe’s at Trader Joes. Um, these things are awesome and I think they might be better than oreos. Mmmm. I’m very excited about the Christmas ones now! But not until after Thanksgiving.


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