Pinterest Challenge: Patterned Accent Wall (A few weeks late)

(Yes, I actually finished this project in time for the Pinterest Challenge from Young House Love and Bower Power, but didn’t get the post up in time. Oh, well. I did it, which is what matters.)

I just want to put this out there. I am not a huge fan of white walls. I’m a color/pattern person. And according to Pinterest, I’m a fan of the patterned accent wall.

Source: via Sloan on Pinterest

Source: via Sloan on Pinterest

Source: via Sloan on Pinterest

Source: via Sloan on Pinterest

I’m in this boring apartment full of white walls. So I decided it was time for an accent wall. And I have the perfect one. It’s tiny and you can see it from the kitchen and living room, but it’s not actually part of the kitchen and living room. It’s like hall, but it’s really too open to actually be a hall. And too small. Well, here’s a picture. And yes, this is it. Broken lamp and all.

So, I decided it needed a little interest. In the form of some big, bold stripes. The polka dots would have been to hard to paint and keep even and more would have been partial than whole and I just wouldn’t have liked it. And I wanted the stripes to be big enough so the thermometer would be in the white stripe. I also knew I wanted to do gray because I have a lot of color in the living room with a red buffet and green sofa. So I needed something neutral. And I’m having a continued love affair with gray right now.

So I headed over to Benjamin Moore and grabbed a few paint swatches. I was going for a darker gray, since I wouldn’t be painting a whole room. I wanted bold.

I was feeling restless about it, so truthfully, I didn’t wait and look to see all of the colors during all times of the day. I just went for it and chose Dior Gray from Benjamin Moore. I got the low-VOC because no-VOC only comes in gallon sizes and I certainly didn’t need a gallon of paint for this tiny wall!

After that, I measured the height of the wall and then figured out what divided evenly. I’m certainly no mathematician, so I just messed around with the calculator til I figured it out. Fortunately, the thermometer was going to be hidden, but just barely.

After I figured out the magic number was 13, I just went along and measured along at different points and then found a straight edge and drew a straight line.

My walls are very textured/I’m lazy/I have a pretty steady hand so I decided I wasn’t even going to take the time to tape and would just free hand it. I am also NOT a perfectionist, which is VERY IMPORTANT if you decide to “just go for it.”

Handy tip: a couple of nail holes around the edge will keep the paint from building up in the rim. I’ve seen a lot of pictures on Pinterest with the rubber band around the paint can, but really, how in the world are you supposed to do that??

And I just started painting.

Still drying. Really, this whole job took me maybe an hour. Including getting the paint samples and buying the paint. I think it took me longer to edit pictures and write this blog post. I ended up only doing one coat because it covered pretty well the first time.

All done! Including my first original piece of artwork, courtesy of Ryan. I love how it’s almost nautical and stripes are always classic. Vertical stripes on this wall would have emphasized just how tiny it was and horizontal stripes on walls are definitely more unexpected.

This is a perfect example of the Nester’s “It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect To Be Beautiful” and “you can still paint even if you rent.”



One Comment on “Pinterest Challenge: Patterned Accent Wall (A few weeks late)”

  1. Erika says:

    LOVE it!!! Such a fun touch for a little wall. I’m inspired!!

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