Tutus and Walking

This blog post is waaaaay late, but oh well.

For Jamie and Kacina’s birthday, Sarah and I decided to make them a birthday gift that would go along with them doing the Susan G. Komen Three Day. We knew they needed some “flair” for their last day so we made them tutus and decorated crowns. The best quote of the night came from Sarah: “Do you think the rhinestones are too over the top on the glittered crowns?”

Fight cancer!

The Saturday of the walk, Jamie and Kacina walked by the store, so Sarah came and we got to see them and cheer them on. Every year, this is one of my favorite days of work. It is so inspiring to see all of the women and men who have trained so hard to work to fight breast cancer.

I love having friends that inspire me!


One Comment on “Tutus and Walking”

  1. Jamie says:

    And you inspire me sweet Sloaner! Thank you for our tutus and glitter crowns. Made Day 3 so special!

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