Friday Five 11.16.12

Tuesday night was one of those nights where I worked late and was exhausted, so I came home, turned on the TV (even though I’m continuing No-TV Tuesdays, but this week it was be moved to yesterday, which was a big fat fail also) and fixed dinner and vegged out. Sometimes, you just need that. I know I’ve talked about this before, but Big Bang Theory is one of my favorite shows and I love that it is almost ALWAYS on TV when I want to watch it.

I’ve been listening to Bette Midler’s The Rose almost non-stop. I am going through an obsessive moment with it.

A favorite blog of mine is Rage Against The Minivan, written by Kristen Howerton. There are definitely some issues that we don’t agree on, but really, she is an inspiration to me and I always love hearing what she has to say. I also loved these posts that she linked to this week. I have very similar feelings about Christians and homosexuals. God calls us to love. The very man that was perfect did not throw stones, so how can I?

Another current obsession of mine is making smoothies. I know that it looks disgusting in this picture, but they actually taste good. And yes, I even put spinach in them.

Last night, Katie (a girl I work with) and I were invited to the opening of the Christmas Open House from Atlanta Homes and Lifestyle. One of my favorite things growing up was going on Tour of Homes with Mama and I always love seeing how other people live. It was fun to see how people decorated for Christmas. My favorite room was the nursery, which I later found out was done by one of the designers that comes into the store a lot. I loved the window treatments.

I’m a traditional Christmas girl, so one of my favorite decorations was this cranberry wreath layered over the green wreath. Classic and simple. The ribbon also had bells sewn onto it, which would make such a pretty sound when the door was opened and closed.


2 Comments on “Friday Five 11.16.12”

  1. Erika says:

    Sorry, but I’m judging you for your “The Rose” obsession. But at least I’m telling you and not judging in secret, right? :) Also- loved those letters on RATM. So good. So needed.

    • sloandefyinggravity says:

      Ha! I don’t mind being judged as long as I know about it. And I’ve always known that I have weird taste in music, so I just decided to wear it proudly.

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