Two Years

Over the past few weeks, Ryan and I have been celebrating our two year anniversary. I go back and forth between, “Wow! I feel like we’ve known each other forever! How has it only been two years!” and “Wow! Time flies by so fast! How is it two years already?” But two years, it has been.

First, Ryan took me to the Margaret Mitchell House downtown. I have a thing about seeing people’s living environments, so I loved it! It was really just their tiny, 3 room apartment, much like what Ryan and I are going to be living in. Except they had a maid/cook that came everyday…. In my dreams.

Ingenious marketing.

So thankful for this guy and that he does things with me that I love, but he would never dream of.

Next, we headed to our favorite sushi place to celebrate our first date. We also did this last year, and as long as Tanaka is open, we will keep doing it. Which I hope it forever because they make the best sushi I’ve ever had.

Finally, on Friday night, we went to JCT Kitchen for dinner. Ryan surprised me at work. I was planning on cooking, but I have been wanting to go to JCT Kitchen for a while, so he decided we should go! I was super excited.

We ate upstairs at the bar. The food was really yummy and I loved everything about  it- the atmosphere, the way it was decorated, it was awesome!

For dessert, we had the peanut butter push-pop. Oh, it was so yummy!

Finally, (and most importantly) on our actual anniversary, both Oregon (2) and K-State (1) lost, ranking Georgia at #3 and completely in control of our own destiny. If we beat Tech Saturday and Bama in the SEC Championship game, we are headed to Miami for the National Championship! Crazy and so exciting! We were both freaking out Saturday, watching the games.

It was a great anniversary!


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