Thanksgiving 2012: 50 Things

(I’m a bit late posting this, but Uncle Willie and Aunt Carolyn don’t have wifi. And I’m pretty thankful for that, too.)

This year is my third participating in The Frugal Girl’s Thankful Post. Every year, we make a list of 50 things we are thankful for in a way to stretch our “thankful muscle,” if you will. It’s always fun and a bit challenging coming up with 50 things, but I’m up for the task as always.

1. Salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ

2. A family that loves and supports me, but also will tell me when I’ve crossed the line.

3. Work that I enjoy and a work family that loves me. I am especially thankful because so many are out of work or are in jobs that are less than ideal.

4. A roof over my head, no matter how small it may be. Again, there are many in this world that do not have the same luxury, which makes me extra thankful.

5. Ryan, my sweet fiance. No one makes me laugh more. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

6. Books. Good, friendly, comforting books. I love reading about different lives in the world.

7. My sewing machine. Taking bits of fabric and making something from nothing is one of the greatest joys in the world.

8. Awesome friends. I hate adult-hood and not seeing each other as much as we should. Times like that make me want to go back to college.

9. People that are working to make a difference in the world- Pure Charity, Compassion, Mercy House, Annie. All causes that I love and support.

10. Blogs and bloggers. I love getting a peak into other people’s lives and I love having a place to record my own.

11. Plants. I enjoy seeing things grow and watching The Lord work in that way.

12. That I have never worried where my next meal is coming from or if I would be able to pay my bills.

13. The University of Georgia and the Bulldog football team. And that Mark Richt is our coach. I love where I graduated and having a football coach that believes in integrity and the fact that we control our own destiny and have a very real chance of making it to the National Championship. So crazy.

14. Pinterest. I love having a place to gather inspiration and ideas.

15. Gossip Girl. I will so miss this show when it is over. And Big Bang Theory. Seriously, the funniest show on TV.

16. My future in-laws, that are supportive and kind.

17. Getting my haircut. There’s nothing better than someone else washing your hair.

18. Water, sweet tea, coke, hot tea and milk. Basically the only beverages I am drinking.

19. Doctors that work hard for a cure for cancer and the people that work to raise funding for it.

20. Photos. I love taking pictures and having pictures of my friends and family.

21. That I’ve had my grandparents in my life this long.

22. An extended family that is fun, musical and funny.

23. Chick-fil-A. Pretty much the only fast food restaurant I frequent.

24. All of the different seasons. Mostly for the clothes.

25. Speaking of clothes, that I FINALLY found a pair of red jeans. Yes, it’s ridiculous and materialistic, but I don’t care. I’ve been lusting after a pair for what seems like forever.

26. Pillows. I have rather materialistic sleep needs.

27. A car that I like and is reliable.

28. Adoption. That I have been adopted by God and that people love children and care for them as their own.

29. Laughter.

30. Yummy smelling candles.

31. Oatmeal and hot tea- my breakfast of choice.

32. That Ryan loves to cook.

33. Music. Instant mood changer.

34. Toilet paper. No need to say anything more.

35. Rainbows, boots and moccasins- my favorite shoes.

36. Art, it makes life more colorful.

37. Little kids and babies- I wish I laughed 400 times a day.

38. That I live in a free county and have the privilege to vote.

39. The US Postal Service. Really, they are a marvel.

40. That our wedding guest list is FINALLY done.

41. An uncle that crafts beautiful stools and bird houses from scraps of wood.

42. A body that is healthy and strong, even though I should work out more.

43. Shrimp and grits. Yum. And cake and Lala’s dressing.

44. Nice people working at the check-out. They make my whole day better.

45. Bible teachers.

46. The fact that I get 10 days off between Christmas and New Year’s.

47. DVR. Otherwise I’d never get to watch my shows.

48. A hot glue gun- a crafter’s best friend.

49. A large closet. It will definitely come in handy when Ryan moves in.

50. A day set aside by our founding fathers to give thanks. And eat lots of turkey.


One Comment on “Thanksgiving 2012: 50 Things”

  1. Cousin Steve says:

    Since there are a number of “Rea-related” items on your list, might I suggest you add the following: Uncle Ralph’s banana pudding, Uncle Ralph’s country ham (served only at Thanksgiving), Uncle John’s catfish stew. All of which taste best when enjoyed within the cavernous dining hall known as the Rea Shed :-).

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