An Average Tuesday

I haven’t been blogging as much lately because I’ve felt like my life has been super boring. But, this is my life and I’m going to blog about the boring stuff too.

Tuesday night was one of those frustrating nights. Nothing terrible, just annoying.

I was having shrimp and grits for dinner and really wanted some horseradish to make cocktail sauce. But that was all I needed and I so didn’t want to get out of my warm car just to get horseradish.

I decided someone should invent a drive-thru grocery store.

Plus, I can never just go into the grocery store and buy one thing.

Case in point: I was thinking of getting a tiny live tree for my apartment and then planting it later. As soon as I walked into the Kroger, there was a tiny tree with ornaments already on it. (Of course I was going to redisperse them and add more of my own.)

I found my horseradish and decided I also needed a few cucumbers. And I grabbed some spinach because lately I feel like I haven’t been eating enough green stuff. And then I remembered I’d been craving some kind of Inoko/Choo Choo type food ever since Mardis tweeted about it, so I walked over to the frozen food section and to look at my options and saw that the PF Chang’s frozen dinners for two, which are regularly 9.99 were marked down to 4.99.

And that is how horseradish cost me over $40.

Oh, but this riveting story isn’t over yet!

I decided I have enough plants in my tiny apartment, so at the cash register, I gave the tiny tree back. (Yes, I know. I’m a pain.) Then I asked for paper bags. (Pain.) She forgot after I gave her my Kroger card, so I reminded her (politely.) (Pain.) Then I realized I left my wallet at home on the sofa after buying some Christmas presents. (Pain.)

So I headed home, grabbed my wallet and headed back.

I got back just in time to see the man leaving with a case of beer in his shorts and t-shirt. All I could think was, ‘Gotta respect a man who needs his beer.’

And after (finally) checking out, I got to see the other grown man ride his grocery cart like a scooter, double push. (You totally know what I’m talking about.)

I came home, had my shrimp and grits for dinner (my cocktail sauce was delish, thanks for wondering), watched Big Bang Theory, lit my Christmas candle and blogged. My night was redeemed.


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