Real Life

I didn’t intend to take such a long break from blogging, but life happens.

Last Saturday, we went to the SEC Championship and had a hearts broken.

Sunday, we licked our wounds and had dinner with Pease and Ross. I then came down with the stomach bug that was going around and spent all night throwing up. Fun times.

Monday, I laid in bed all day and ate a few saltines and Ryan fixed me tomato soup. That was a big step.

I worked on Tuesday, getting ready for our event on Wednesday night. I still wasn’t feeling that great, but I decided a Chick-fil-A sandwich sounded good to me. I was wrong.

Wednesday, we had BEE Calm at work and I was there until 11. Fun, but exhausting.

Thursday, Ryan and I had date night.

Friday, we went to the Atlanta Symphony.

Kathleen and Avery had their first annual Tacky Christmas Sweater party on Saturday. Um, so. much. fun.

Sunday was spent addressing Save The Dates which were supposed to go out a month ago. Oops.

And today, Mama and I are picking up my wedding dress and then tonight is Monica’s ornament exchange. I’m also working hard to get my apartment is some semblance of order and do things like run the dishwasher and wash some clothes. I’m running out of underwear and have been going through Starbucks because I don’t even have a clean mug to drink my tea out of.

THIS is real life.


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