The Symphony and Eat, Drink, and Be Tacky*

(*Title stolen from Kathleen and Avery’s invitation.)

I failed at blogging during the month of December. Which is a real shame because I did lots of fun stuff.

The first weekend of December, Ryan and I attended the Atlanta Symphony’s Christmas Concert on Friday. The Morehouse Glee Club performed and they were AWESOME! I can’t wait to just go to one of their shows!

Saturday was attend Kathleen and Avery’s Tacky Sweater Christmas party. Because Kathleen is the hostess with the mostess, we got actual mailed invitations to this party, which I’m pretty sure means we are growing up, because in the days of yore, we just sent out a Facebook invite or e-vite if we were feeling really fancy. Anyway, I was very excited because I had never actually been to a Tacky Christmas party. Fortunately, Mama saved some of her sweaters because Chance started going to a lot, so I just borrowed one from her.

Arizona was playing at Clemson that night, so I was fiance-less. Which was totally fine because Iz and I reunited as dates! It was almost like being back at college, except neither one of us puked.

I think Ross may have missed Ryan more than I did.

I love my friends!

I had a lot of fun making fun of Michelle. My ridiculousness thrives when she is around.

Liz and I were Tacky Twins. Similar turtlenecks and sweaters. It was almost creepy.

Love these people! I’m already excited for next year!


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