Christmas Decorations… After I’ve Taken Them Down

So yes, these blog posts may be a bit ridiculous. Especially since my decorations are taken down and stored for next year. But no matter, I’m going to blog them anyway since it’s only 2 pictures.

I don’t have lots of Christmas decorations, which is ok because I don’t have lots of room for decorations, but I did collect a few at Target for 70% off, so I’m building my collection. I’m getting ready for next year.

Sadly, there is no room for a full-sized tree, so I used this tiny silver one Daddy bought me Junior year of college. I also found these large metal ornaments at Goodwill and snapped them up. They are my prized purchase from Goodwill for the month of December.

I also painted over an old canvas from Sips ‘n Strokes to knock off this painting from Pinterest. I don’t exactly have the best word-painting skillz, but it works.

It wasn’t much, but it kept me in the Christmas spirit.


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