Restaurant Club does Hal’s

I’m a big fan of steak. Growing up, we regularly had steak and twice-baked potatoes for dinner. If I was ever on death row and got my last meal, that would definitely be a part of it.

So because we skipped November for Restaurant Club, Sarah and I decided to go big for December. So we headed to Hal’s Steakhouse.

Hal’s is a man’s club, for sure. The downstairs and bar area was absolutely filled with men making business deals. I’m pretty sure Sarah and I were the only females there that didn’t have a male escort.

We split a filet and it was PERFECTION. So, so good. We also had the potatoes and creamed spinach for our sides. Listen, I could have taken a bath in that creamed spinach. It was a food revelation. I love creamed spinach and I’m not afraid to shout it from the rooftops!

Even though Hal’s was definitely more of a splurge for us, even with us both having a glass of wine, we both thought it was very reasonably priced, all things considered. Of course it definitely helped that we decided to split the steak, but neither one of us could have eaten a 12 oz steak.

And now the annual list of the top places to eat in Atlanta has come out. Looks like we have lots of eating to do!


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