Random Stuff for Your Friday

Just a few random things from this week.

1. During Passion, they are working hard to free slaves in the world. There are over 46,000,000 slaves in the world today- more than there have ever been. Go to slaveryfootprint.com and learn how many slaves work for you. I had 46 that work for me. This is heartbreaking.

2. I’m obsessed with my new coffee mug that Ryan’s mom got me for Christmas! I love the squirrel handle! (And yes, I’m reading 7 again already.)

3. Daddy sent me some pictures from Christmas and I was SHOCKED when I saw how much Mama and I look alike in this picture. I’ve always know we look similar, but this picture is crazy.

Also, you can’t really tell in this picture, but my hair is getting crazy-long and big. I can’t wait to get it cut after the wedding. And bangs again!

I think three is enough for this week. Have a great weekend! I have zero plans, so I guess it’s good that I still have some Christmas stuff to blog about!


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