Does a blog post really need a title?

I feel like I say this every other week, but dang life is busy right now. I have seriously worked the last 8 days in a row and won’t get a day off until Sunday. I’m not sure if that adds up, but I will work 13 days in a row. And then have one day off and work 6 days in a row. Makes me tired just thinking about it. Plus, I’m just tired anyway. And having trouble sleeping, thinking about all I need to do.

So if this blog post is less than coherent, that’s your reason why.

Some good things:

I’ve made a few purchases lately that have made me happy:

  • an indoor composter so I can grow my tomatoes and cucumbers
  • a new pair of short boots. Now I just need some long leggings to wear with them.
  • The Message version of the Bible so I can stop reading it on my phone because that makes me a little crazy.
  • lots of new books that need to be read.

That is basically everything I “gave” myself for Christmas. And it’s everything I really wanted. So, I’m good. I’m sure you will be hearing all about all of it in the next few weeks. Well, if I can ever finish blogging the month of December. My goal is Valentine’s Day.


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