Random Friday: 01.25.13

1. This is my 501st blog post. Which is crazy that I’ve been keeping up with this so long. Because I am nothing if not inconsistent.

2. My new favorite online shopping places: Fab.com and Uncommon Goods. Both full of fun, unique things, most of which I would love to have.

3. I haven’t been perfect about wearing more nail polish, but they are painted right now. So twice in one month- I would call that a victory. And my toenails are “Blue Me Away” Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear and my finger nails are Vigorous Violet Sally Hansen Insta-Dry. I like Sally Hansen because it is CHEAP. And the x-treme wear really does last a long time. These colors are both a little more daring for me- I’m more into shades of gray or red and pink, so it’s fun to try new colors.

4. I bought this little picture at Goodwill for. ever. ago and it’s been in my car for maybe 6 months. (Yes, my car is a disaster. Avery said on Facebook the other day that he is married to Monica (Kathleen). Well, Ryan is marrying whoever is the opposite of Monica.) Anyway, another one of my New Years’s Resolutions was to clean out my car so I grabbed a couple of things out of it last night and this little picture was one of them. So I hung it in my bathroom above one of my squirrel pictures (yes, I have more than one squirrel picture. I know, it’s redic) and it makes me happy.

5. I came home from work on Saturday and these flowers were sitting on the counter. They made me happy. I’d rather have random daisies for no reason than 2 dozen roses on Valentine’s Day all year long.

Happy Weekend all!


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