Christmas Take Two

Well my goal was to be all caught up with everything Christmas and New Years before Valentine’s Day. I still have 9 days, so I think I’ll be okay.

Also, yesterday was 3 months until the wedding! Yikes! I feel like I have so much still to do!

Anyway, back to Christmas.

A few days after the 25th, we loaded up and headed to Charlotte to celebrate Christmas with Mama’s family. And Daddy was a saint because Mama and I sat in the back seat and watched Downton Abbey the entire way, but we couldn’t hear it on my computer, so we had to run the speakers through the Suburban’s speakers. So Daddy had to listen to Downton Abbey the entire ride to and from Charlotte. So sweet.

We got to Charlotte and had pizza and cake with everyone at Plantation Estates. I tried not to think about it being our last Christmas with Mimi too much, and I’m still trying not to. It won’t ever get easier.

But we had a great time talking and playing with poppers that Mama had bought and laughing and just being together.

Of course, Eula was a star. Big blue eyes, just like her Mama.

As always, we took our traditional cousin by height picture. Once upon a time, I was by far the tallest. And then I became the second-shortest and I guess Eula made Mary shrink because she’s now just slightly shorter than I am. And I guess soon, Grace will be taller than both of us.

There’s not very much I can say about this one.

After dinner, Mama, Daddy and I went over to SouthPark to look at their Belk because I wanted to look at Christmas china and flatware and just some other things we needed. I picked out our flatware, but couldn’t decide on Christmas china. When we got back to Uncle Mike and Aunt Julie’s, Aunt Julie showed me Mimi’s and offered it to me. And it was perfect.


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