Restaurant Club Does Eclipse de Luna

Because Sarah and I are closer to poor than rich and we treated ourselves in December with Hal’s, we decided to ScoutMob it for January. And it was my responsibility to choose. It is super stressful for me to decide things like this. I mean, what if neither of us like it and we end up paying a ton of money for food we hate? So whenever I can, I pawn off the decision making to other people. But I couldn’t get out of it this time. Fortunately, Eclipse de Luna was the only non-Thai food place in our vicinity on ScoutMob, so that’s where we went!

While we waited on our table, we got their famous Sangria. Oh, it was delicious!

For dinner, we got 5 different tapas. Fried green beans (yum), fried potatoes (double yum), carne asada, salmon empanadas and the vegetable empanadas (good).

Overall, I would give Eclipse de Luna a 6 out of 10. It was good and the atmosphere was fun, but we’ve definitely eaten better, in my opinion. But as always, the company was my favorite part.


2 Comments on “Restaurant Club Does Eclipse de Luna”

  1. Erika B. says:

    I went to Eclipse di Luna a few months ago! It was fun. The sangria was faaaaab!! I had some goat cheese-stuffed-dates-wrapped-in-bacon thing that was amaaaaazing. I dream of it still. So thanks for reminding me about that. :)

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