Poor Anne-Girl

Sometimes, people do things that make you mad. Like, really pissed off mad. And for me, this is one of those times.

My favorite literary character of all time is Anne Shirley. I love everything about her and I think my wish for red hair comes from her. Mimi introduced me to her and I fell in love. She is spunky, funny and kind. I always wanted to name my daughter Anne, buy Ryan squashed that dream. Even Mark Twain told Lucy Maud Montgomery that Anne was “the dearest and most lovable child in fiction since the immortal Alice.”

If you haven’t met Anne, this is Anne. (And make sure you spell it with an “E”.)


This ho looks like she’s got her flannel shirt knotted under her books and a pair of cut-off jean shorts on. She doesn’t care one iota about puffed sleeves or the fact that she got Diana Barry drunk.


So there’s no way that Gilbert could ever call her “Carrots” and then pine for her for the next 10 years.

Look, I know that sex sells. I watched the Super Bowl. But really, Anne Shirley is not sexy. She is charming and imaginative and playful. Whoever this girl is, she’s not Anne Shirley.

I’m not the only one mad.

Huffington Post is pissed too, as are over 300 people on Amazon.

I’ve never burned a book in my life, but if I ever got my hands on one of these… Actually, I probably still wouldn’t burn it, but I’d sure as hell rip the cover off. I hope whoever chose this photo gets fired and never finds a job in publishing ever again. Maybe while he’s job searching, he can actually read the books and discover the wonderful world of Anne Shirley.

“I thought nothing could be as bad as red hair. Green is ten times worse.” Anne Shirley

And blonde even worse than that.


One Comment on “Poor Anne-Girl”

  1. Let’s not hate on blondes here…

    But yes, I agree about AnnE being blonde. She’s a redhead; it’s who she is. She’s carrots!!

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