NYE 2013

I’ve never been a big fan of New Years Eve. It’s always a big hype and then it’s not even really all that fun. The past few years, we’ve been traveling for Georgia’s bowl game, which is kinda nice because we have an excuse. But after having our hopes of a National Championship dashed, we weren’t too thrilled about going back to the Capital One Bowl.

So, it was the perfect excuse to just stay in and have a chill night. Ryan’s old roommate, David, usually throws a party, so there were about 30 of us over there. We just hung out and laughed and had fun before it was time to watch the ball drop!

Best part- Brian and Melissa were in town from San Fran! It’s usually pretty heavy on the testosterone around David’s, so it’s always nice to swing the favor a little towards the female side.

And they brought their doggie, Spencer! He even has his own Instagram feed. Ryan and Spence had a bonding moment.

(By the way, I always wonder if my kids are going to read these blog posts and wonder what the heck Instagram is. Or if it’ll be something like 8-track tapes that we laugh about. Oh, ha ha ha, look at Mom and Dad’s huge iPhones! They thought they were so cool and hip!)


Pretty soon, it was time to pour the champagne and start the countdown!

And then, I was in bed by 12:30. It may be one of my top 3 New Years of all time.


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