Weddings and Football

Our weekends are usually pretty low-key. I work on Saturday, so we can’t get too cray on Friday night and then with church on Sunday, that keeps it on the quiet side. So a few weekends ago, we actually had a big event Saturday and then something big on Sunday too!

My friend Ashley that used to work with me got married, so everyone from our office went to the wedding! It was a lot of fun to hang out together outside of work.

The wedding was in BEAUTIFUL church in Atlanta and the reception was at The Trolley Barn.

During the father/daughter dance, they broke out into Gangham Style! It was awesome and hilarious.

The food was from Fox Brothers and it was awesome! Tater Tot Bar for the win!

There was also a smore bar, but I neglected to get a picture of that.

We all had a lot of fun dancing the night away!

I pick up Jillian’s daughter from school sometimes and we always have a lot of fun talking and reliving high school drama. Ryan once said we could have a daughter if she would be like her.

After sending the happy couple off, it was time to go home because Sunday was the Super Bowl! When I told Ryan about Ashley’s wedding, his first reaction was, “That’s the weekend of the Super Bowl. What if I’m in New Orleans?” Sadly, he was not and he doesn’t like Super Bowl parties because he actually watches the game, so we just went over to Pease and Ross’s. Ryan made ribs, so we got over there super early to start cooking them. To kill time before the game, we played Mexican Train and drank mimosas. It made me remember how much I love that game.

I wasn’t too into the game. It was pretty boring, actually. I do remember the Ravens won because God is on Ray Lewis’s side. (Sarcasm.) I liked the Destiny’s Child reunion, but geez, I guess I’m an old prude but the Super Bowl has really just become about sex. Plus the fact that sex trafficking goes up about 1000% the week of the Super Bowl in which ever city doesn’t help my feelings about the whole thing. And the knowledge that Atlanta is one of the highest sex trafficking city in the WORLD. It just makes me sad and a little sick.

Anyway, to finish this on a happier note, we got our first wedding gift the other week! Which means I should start writing thank you notes. Ugh.


One Comment on “Weddings and Football”

  1. Erika B. says:

    A TATER TOT BAR!?!??! Oh. my. gosh. I want you to know that I hate you, just a little, right now. And I feel like my life isn’t going to be complete until I experience one of these for myself. Funny how something you never knew existed until 2 seconds ago can suddenly become the most important thing in the whole world (sex trafficking excepted, of course. Ugh. I feel the same way you do about the Super Bowl-sex trafficking thing. Vomit.)

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