A Short List

1. The “busy-ness” of wedding season has begun. Last weekend, we had an engagement dinner and then our first shower and Tuesday we started pre-marital counseling. And it doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop until the wedding. I have something going on every weekend until the wedding. It’s just not going to slow down.

2. I’ve been trying the dawn and vinegar mix in my shower, and I’m about ready to admit it doesn’t work for me. I don’t know if my ratio is wrong or what, but I swear I don’t see a difference. I may just buy some bleach and get over it.

3. I have lots of thank you notes to write already. It’s not really something I’m looking forward to, but I’m so grateful for how generous everyone is to us. But I’m determined not to let them pile up until it’s overwhelming.

4. I’m mostly going to have a quiet weekend, so I’m looking forward to catching up on stuff like laundry, wedding crafts and thank you notes.

5. I’m so ready for spring. I’m also determined to spend at least an hour outside this weekend, somehow. I may have to bundle up, but I need some fresh air and sunshine.


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