Valentine’s Day 2013

This year, Valentine’s Day was pretty special. Ryan is a thoughtful guy, so he enjoys doing sweet things for me. I had no idea what our plans were for Valentine’s Day, I just go along with the flow.

Wednesday is our typical date night and we usually alternate his house or mine. When I got to his on Wednesday, he was waiting at the end of the driveway and told me because this was our third Valentine’s Day together, I would get three  presents. Of course, because I’m an ungrateful brat, my response was, “So on our 50th Valentine’s, do I get 50 presents?” And then I immediately hung my head in shame because WHATTHEHECKISWRONGWITHME??? (If I were Lots of Scotts, I would have some wonderful metaphor about how this is how we are when God blesses us and we just want more, more, more, but alas, I am not.)

My first present was dinner to our favorite restaurant- Tanaka! Oh, man, just thinking about it makes me want it. It’s just so good.

My second present was flowers! I think those pink ones are so pretty.

Ryan and I didn’t do anything together on actual V-Day. He had dinner with his grandmother and I had an ice cream date with my best girl. I really needed to get some laundry done, but friendship is way more important. Plus, I just not a fan of chores.

February 14th also happens to be my other best girl’s birthday! Love you Peaser!

My final present was on Sunday. I truly had no idea what we were going to do. We went to church in the morning and then afterwards, Ryan surprised me with tickets to see Cinderella at the ballet! I was so excited and surprised! I had wanted to see Dracula, but we couldn’t figure out a time to go, but Cinderella is my favorite fairy tale and it was perfect! It was even more special because I knew how much Ryan was going to hate it. Plus, Arizona played at 3, and he was going to miss part of the game.

It was pretty and sweet and we were surrounded by little girls and their moms. Although there was one other couple there and they sat beside us. And it was short, so Ryan only missed a few minutes of the Arizona game.

After the game, we had dinner and went bowling with Pease and Ross at a New Orleans-type place. The service was terrible for some reason, but the people were super nice and the food was really good. Plus, we got some free beignets out of it, so win! We then met Mikey, David and a few other people at the bowling alley. Sunday night is all you can bowl, so we ended up playing about 4 games. I played on the same lane as Ross and Pease and ended up winning the first two games! After that, it just got worse and worse. But we had a great time and Ryan and I decided that when we were rich, we would have a bowling alley in our house.

Fortunately, that means I’ll have my own bowling shoes, so I won’t have to rent those nasty ones anymore.

I would say it was a pretty perfect Valentine’s Day.


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