Some Things About 26

Today is my 26th birthday. Which is weird. The last year of my mid-twenties. Next year, I’ll be in my late 20s. And that will probably be my crisis year. Mama’s was 25, mine will probably be 27. I’m already feeling a little anxious about it. Why does 27 seem soooo much older than 25? It just sounds so much more responsible, like you should have your life together. But I guess 7 is a lot older than 5 and 17 a lot older and, dare I say, mature, than 15. But still.

I’m not too into my birthday this year. This may sounds weird and narcissistic, but there have been a lot of things “for me” lately because of the wedding. Which is in 38 days. Crazy and soon! Thus far, we have had

  • one engagement dinner
  • shower in Greensboro
  • oyster roast
  • Bachelorette party
  • shower in Atlanta

And we still have another shower and party to go. I’m just not used to being the center of attention this much. I’m the one that stands two people over from the center of attention and makes funny one-liners. And I much prefer it that way. But there is a season for everything and I’m grateful for all of our family and friends that are wanting to celebrate with us.

But, I thought in the spirit of my birthday, I’d spout out some random facts about me in general and my life right now. If I’m good, I’ll get to 26, but I probably won’t. But let’s see.

  1. I am currently living in a tiny one bedroom apartment in Atlanta. I like it here, but it’s going to seem extra small with another body all the time!
  2. Currently, the apartment is very messy. A few things are contributing to that- clothes that need to be returned, wedding crafts and I cleaned out my car. Plus, I’m just a messy person.
  3. My newest obsession is cleaning with baking soda. I did my tub and sink over the weekend and I’ve started brushing my teeth with it once a week to make them whiter.
  4. I am currently reading Georgia Bottoms for our book club and I’m almost done. After that, I will finish The Distant Hours and then I’m on the Beach Music by Pat Conroy. I wonder if I’ll be done with those before the wedding. So now I’m thinking which books I should take on the honeymoon. Pat is pretty dysfunctional. Is that appropriate for a honeymoon?
  5. I have now worked at BEE for almost a year and a half and 6 months in my current position. I love it, even though it is stressful sometimes.
  6. I would eventually like for this blog to morph into a “home decorating” blog, but let’s be real. There are a million out there. Plus I struggle with taking pictures and then loading them onto the computer.
  7. The number one reason I want a house right now is so we’ll have room to have parties. I’m fairly satisfied decorating the apartment. There are still some things I want to do here.
  8. Earlier today I was looking at Lladro figurines (I think they are so beautiful!) and was trying to justify spending $700 on one. But last week, I judged a lady that came into the store with a Birken bag, thinking if I ever have $1000 to spend on a bag, I hope I donate it to some orphans. Hypocritical much?
  9. I have never once chewed gum in my life and I never will. It grosses me out.
  10. Thank you notes are the current bane of my existence. So much pressure to be personal and meaningful. (Hey, I’m being honest here.)
  11. On Monday, I did not walk out of my apartment all day. It was glorious.
  12. I’m having some issues shopping lately. I feel like everything is either too short, too see-though, too conservative or too expensive. Except Anthropologie. But that’s the too expensive part yet again.
  13. I bought whole milk from Trader Joes because Miss Jeanne is telling me I need to gain weight for the wedding. We’ll see. It’s hard to gain weight and be healthy about it.
  14. I hate exercising. It’s hard. I want to love it, but I don’t. Although if I pushed through the hard until it became easier, I might like it more.
  15. In college, I wore heels semi-regularly when we went out, but now that I work and walk around all day, I almost never do. Which is fine because Ryan is not that much taller than me.
  16. I own way too many blankets. But I hate being cold, so it works.
  17. Speaking of cold, this weather SUCKS. It snowed yesterday. My toes are tired of being cooped up in socks. They want sandals!! This weekend is supposed to start warming up, so hopefully it will stick around until, you know, the end of October like it’s supposed to.
  18. I am a terrible multi-tasker.
  19. My favorite forms of social media are Twitter and Instagram. I’m somewhat over Facebook, but it’s kinda fun to see the drama that people get involved in.
  20. This is my favorite picture from the Bachelorette.

I’m going to stop at 20 because I need to go clean up some and get in the bed. It’s almost this old woman’s birthday.


3 Comments on “Some Things About 26”

  1. Erika B. says:

    Happy Birthday!! I read “A Million Little Pieces” on my honeymoon…pretty sure it doesn’t get any more dysfunctional than that. And I can’t BELIEVE you’ve never chewed gum!!! I’m pretty sure I’ve been addicted since like age 3. I wonder how rich I would be if all of the money I’ve spent on gum in my lifetime had instead been invested in something? Scary thought.

  2. Cathy says:

    Happy Birthday. What a blessing you have been to us! Also, thanks for doing a little catch-up on your blogging.

  3. Pease says:

    How do I not know that you’ve ever chewed gum??? Weird! And good job with the whole milk :) happy bday/all about you day!!!!

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