Last Night I…

A lot of bloggers do those “right now” posts, so I’m going to do a “last night” post. So, last night I

  • picked up Ryan’s dry cleaning (pre-wifely duties).
  • ate Easter lunch leftovers for dinner. It was delicious. I love going home because Mama always sends me home with tons of food.
  • drank a glass of wine.
  • opened my door and window. I also took some allergy medicine, as I’m sure the pollen is about to be out of control.
  • watched Rachel Zoe Project (My obsession with watching her be a mom is out of control. Seriously though, I love her because I think she’s relatively normal and nice and a decent person.)
  • tried to plant my tomatoes, jalepenos and basil but realized I didn’t have NEARLY enough potting soil. I’m determined to be a gardener, even if it’s just on my little porch.
  • Watched the Braves win and dreamed of warm weather and evening baseball games. I’ve always said every sport is perfect in its own season and I love the laziness of baseball during the summer.
  • Wrote thank you notes.
  • Read some of my book- The Distant Hours by Kate Morton.

I would say that’s a fairly productive evening.


One Comment on “Last Night I…”

  1. Cathy says:

    Come home more often ; )

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