Uniforms and Party Invites

In college, especially my Senior year, I had a uniform that I wore basically every day. White, Haynes V-neck t-shirt, cardigan in varying colors and patterns, Rainbows and some sort of bottom, typically jeans or shorts depending on the weather. I wore it all the time and I loved it. It was easy to throw on and everything matched. I miss it.

So I decided to recreate it in a grown-up, professional version.

Although the weird cut on this peplum top is not the most flattering, it’s still new and I love it and will probably have to make sure I haven’t already worn it the same week. I think I could get behind having a new uniform. Although I kinda had a uniform this winter (dress, boots, tights), I always would lose my tights and spend 15 minutes searching for them every morning. Pants are a lot harder to lose.

Whoa, is this the most pointless blog post on the planet.

And just to wrap up the ridiculousness, I got an evite to a birthday party. However, I’ve never heard of this person, or the people that have invited me. So THAT’S weird.

Cian, I’m so sorry I won’t be able to give you my everlasting friendship. Indicating from this awesome evite with the yellow hightops, I bet you’re a pretty fun person.


One Comment on “Uniforms and Party Invites”

  1. Erika B. says:

    I love the new uniform! I could probably almost exactly recreate that outfit (although my gray top wouldn’t be peplum) and actually, I just might have to do that later this week. :) I haven’t worn my teal jeans this week yet, so that’s good. And that party invite cracks me up!!! I’m pretty sad you’re not going!

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