A Bachelorette in Charleston Pt. 1

More wedding stuff!

For the Bachelorette party, I decided that I wanted to go to Charleston. I’ve only been once, a long time ago, and thought it would be fun to go as an adult. Plus, it’s close enough to go for a weekend, but still away. And it was a good decision, if I do say so myself.

We left on Friday after lunch and got to Charleston around dinner time. Jamie and Sarah left after Jamie got off work and Michelle met us there. Michelle ended up getting there before we did, so she found us a dinner place and made friends at the bar. As soon as we go there, we all got dressed to go out and went to dinner. I can’t remember where we ate dinner, but it was pretty good and we ended up shutting the place down.

After dinner, we wandered around because Sarah wasn’t there yet to tell us where to go. We finally headed up to a rooftop bar where we met a (really weird) Bachelor party.

Sarah and Jamie finally arrived after being stuck in traffic, we sent Michelle home and looked out across the street and saw people dancing and lights flashing through a window. It looked like fun, so we decided to go there.

(That might be the single worst picture of me ever, but this is where we went.)

I got a free shot for being the Bachelorette (I feel like I should hand out roses). And Rachel and I decided to dance on the bar, because why not? Apparently, we were supposed to be doing The Wobble, but I had no idea. Plus, I’m still not 100% sure how to do it, even after the 4 weddings I’ve been to this year.

Then pretty soon, we started looking around and realizing there were things we had never seen before and it kinda horrified us. I mean, at our core, we are all still conservative little sorority girls. So we decided to head in for the night because it was way past our bedtime anyway.

The next morning, we headed out and walked through the market. You’ve never seen so many of those seagrass baskets in your life. And they are really expensive, too.

After the market, we had brunch at Poogan’s Porch. We put our names in then headed to a square and just hung out while we waited.

Brunch was A-MAZING! I had the crabcakes benedict and Rachel had the pulled pork benedict. Mine was good, but if I went back, I would totally get the pulled pork. And we all had bloody marys. Yum, yum.

The decorations on the tables were these seagrass roses that everyone sold in Mason jars with grits on the bottom. If I lived in Charleston, every outdoor party I hosted would have these everywhere.

As Claire said, “I’m so thankful my parents moved to the South so I could eat biscuits.” Amen.

Poor Poogan.

After brunch, most of us went and walked down to Battery Park, while Sarah and Jamie took a historic tour of Charleston. I wish we had one more day so that we had time to do both. Oh, well. We will go back. The houses were beautiful and I even found one for me and Ryan to buy!

I want some vines on my house one day.

I will also have window boxes. And a dutch door. But I don’t have a picture of that.

Our future home. It was across the street from Battery Park and only $6,000,000. Which would leave us plenty of room in our budget to fix it up. I loved the three stories of porches and the location wasn’t too shabby either.

We then walked down Rainbow Row.

And then down Broad Street and I got to think about Pat Conroy to King Street for a little shopping. I bought the dress I wore to the rehearsal dinner. After King Street, we headed back to the hotel for a disco nap before dinner.

Which is where I will resume next time because this is becoming the longest blog post ever.



One Comment on “A Bachelorette in Charleston Pt. 1”

  1. We’re so 70s with our disco nap. Love it!

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