Couples Oyster Roast

(I got out of order. This party came before the Bachelorette party. Oops.)

While we were engaged, Ryan’s third set of parents, Bev and Sonny, threw us an oyster roast for all of the tailgate crew. It was a relaxed, chill night and we all had a lot of fun shucking oysters, eating and hanging out.

Bev and Sonny gave us a fryer! We are so excited to use it soon and have lots of parties with it!

Mama gave me some squirrel pillows and note cards with my new initials. Pease and Ross also gave us a set of Falcons glasses and some hot sauces. It was the only wedding gift I let Ryan use before we got married.

We are so excited!!

*All photos courtesy of Monica’s Facebook.





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