Friday Five 06.07.13

  • Ryan has been out of town all week at a conference in Chicago and I’m so excited to have him home! I missed him a lot, but spent the week reading and watching Harry Potter because he hates it.
  • Warning: Rant Time. I filled my car up with gas at Kr*ger this week. As a card member, I get 3 cents off a gallon every time I fill up and 10 cents off when I spend $100 at the store. So I’ve always known this was kind of a crack, but I finally did the math this week. My car hold 17 gallons. So for every $100 I spend, plus $50-60 in gas, I save a measly ONE DOLLAR AND SEVENTY CENTS. One hundred and fifty dollars versus one dollar and seventy cents. Sheesh. That’s ridic. They should be glad they’re on my way to work and they’re already the cheapest gas in my area. Awful.
  • I’ve been trying to get into Nashville. I would watch one here and there, but never enough to get hooked. Well, with Ryan gone, I’ve watched about 6 of them this week and it’s official- I’m hooked. I still have about 12 more episodes left, but I can’t wait to watch them!

One Comment on “Friday Five 06.07.13”

  1. Tori says:

    Getting a pedi and catching up on your blog. Nashville is great! End of this season was fabulous. Not as good as Scandal though. Have you watched that? Love the hair!!

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