Father’s Day Weekend and Future Dreaming

I unintentionally took last week off from blogging. It was a pretty busy week between work and hanging out with friends that this just slipped off my radar.

Anyway, this past weekend was pretty fun. Friday, Ryan and I were supposed to go to the Braves game but I ended up having to stay at work late, so we ended up just eating Mexican and renting Silver Linings Playbook. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it. A little dark, but it had a happy ending and that’s what I really care about. Saturday, I worked and then Pease and Ross came over and we had dinner, played Catch Phrase and ate Menchies. Ryan then went to a concert and the rest of us came back to the apartment while Pease and I talked for another hour and Ross slept on the floor.

Sunday morning, we got up and drove back to Greensboro for Father’s Day. We went to church and then headed to the lake because Big Daddy, Lala, Kendrick, Chandler and Joey were coming to dinner. I didn’t take a single picture the entire weekend. Shame on me. We had a ton of food and Mama made some of the best chicken I’ve ever had. On Monday, Ryan worked remotely so we stayed in Greensboro for the day. It was nice to just sit around and hang out together and not have to rush back to Atlanta.

Here’s where the story comes in.

Monday afternoon, Ryan was working, Mama was on the phone fussing at the internet people and I was on the screen porch reading. (I have been flying through some books, let me tell you!) Eventually Mama and Ryan came outside and joined me and Mama was on her iPad looking up houses for me and Ryan.

We are not really even in the thought of buying a house. Our apartment is great for now, even if it is a bit small. And we are getting ready to sign another year’s lease, so the plan is to be here another 12 to 18 months and then see about a house. Houses aren’t cheap in our area, they have a lot more maintenance, need more furniture, cost more the heat and cool, etc. So I have been very content to stay right where we are.

However, Mama found us a house. It was in a good area, inexpensive, small and needed the perfect amount of fixing up. (I really don’t want a move in ready house. Well, I don’t want a house that we wouldn’t have to do anything to. This one was carpet throughout, so I was dreaming of hardwood floors, new paint, crown molding, and eventually new countertops.) It had a little backyard with a fence, two bedrooms, a dining room and a good sized kitchen. It was still pretty tiny, but would give us a little more room. We could potentially afford it, build some equity and hopefully sell in several years at a profit. The housing market is moving back up, so now it a pretty good time to buy. Plus, we are waiting for a house before we get a dog. So we thought about it and talked about it and I started picking out paint colors and looking at my Pinterest board of house ideas to see what could be incorporated. We decided to drive by it last night just to see the neighborhood and what it looked like.

In a matter of a few hours, I went from not wanting a house at all to dreaming about decorating and having people over and the parties we would throw and yes, even about bringing our first baby to that house. (This is not for quite a few years, but still.) I thought about our puppy playing in the yard and getting a kitty. I had started making memories in this house we hadn’t even seen.

And it was under contract. I was so disappointed. Granted, the house style wasn’t my favorite (but I liked the inside flow of the rooms) and the neighborhood was a little more crowded and cookie-cutter than I prefer, but still. I was a little sad as we drove away.

There’s no real great ending to this story except I need to get ready for in a year when we are starting to look at houses. Clearly I’m setting myself up for a lot of disappointment. I love houses and have a “thing” for home, so I’m going to be pretty invested.

You have been warned.


2 Comments on “Father’s Day Weekend and Future Dreaming”

  1. Erika B. says:

    Bah! I was hoping there was a ‘so we made an offer and now we’re under contract!!’ at the end of this story!! Sadly, no…because Buying a House is a road fraught with broken dreams and disappointment and stress. Or at least it was for us. Ha!! :) Can’t wait to hear how your experience goes, though!!

  2. Cathy says:

    So very happy to entertain you with my frustration!

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