A Book Catch-Up

My reading was a little slow in the months of March, April and May. I’m not sure what I was up to except, you know, planning a wedding and figuring out living with a boy. Fortunately, my summer book goal of 10 books has gotten me back on track.

Georgia Bottoms by Mark Childress- We read this as our book club book for the first quarter. (We do one book a quarter. It is the most relaxed book club ever.) This was not my favorite book. It was pretty strange. None of us liked it and it is currently sitting in the Goodwill pile.

Beach Music by Pat Conroy- Ah, Pat. You are so twisted and messed up and I love it. I loved Beach Music, almost as much as I loved South of Broad. South of Broad is still my favorite of the three I’ve read. I’m in need of a Pat break, though. His books are so heavy and 3 in six months was a little much for me. Although Sarah just bought Lords of Discipline, so at then end of all of the summer, I may be chomping at the bit to read it….

After Beach Music, I started my Summer Book List. I’m a little over two weeks in and have read three books, so I’d say I’m doing pretty good. I chose all books that are relatively short, so that I could accomplish this. (There’s no way I could read 10 books with a 900 page Pat in there.) I’m super pleased with myself thus far and am excited to see if I can actually read more.

Is Everybody Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling- I never watched The Office when she was on it, but I started watching The Mindy Project and I love it. She is quick-witted and I love how she dresses. I thought the beginning of the book wasn’t quite as great, but it was super interesting how she got started working on The Office. I highly recommend this one and I would read it again.

Love Does by Bob Goff- Sarah chose this as our book club book for the quarter. It was different from our usual choices, which I liked. I was a big fan and it gave me a lot to think about.

A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet by Sophie Hudson a.k.a. BooMama- Basically, if you grew up in the South and have a family, you will love this book. It is full of funny, sweet stories about her family and growing up in a small town. I loved it and finished it in about 24 hours.

Now that I finished A Little Salty, I’m currently ahead of the game. Which is awesome. Maybe I will finish more than 11! I’m currently debating what to read next. I’m going back and forth between Bread and Wine, The Girl’s Guide to Hunting and Fishing, The Swan House and Interrupted.


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