Wedding Shower #2

The week after the Bachelorette Party (March 24), Ryan’s mom threw us a wedding shower at her house. It was fun and sweet and great getting to know her friends and the ladies that Ryan grew up around a little better.

Monica cooked all of the food and it was awesome! She is a great cook and that is definitely where Ryan gets it from. It was also a nice change because there was not a chicken salad croissant in sight. (I do LOVE chicken salad croissants (especially when there are grapes in them) but sometimes I think Southern women need a new recipe.)

All of the women on Ryan’s mom’s side of the family- Yia Yia, Kylie, Aunt Nancy, Christie, Monica and Mama R. I guess I’m now included in this group.

All of my sweet bridesmaids that were able to be there- Jamie, Peaser, Iz and Kylie

A lot of Monica’s friends and their neighbors were there too, but I guess I forgot to get a picture of them. Oops.

Moms and their girls

Sister-in-laws! Or is it sisters-in-law? (Also, can I just tell you what a hard time I had figuring out what to wear. Mama and I went shopping in the middle of February and bought pretty much everything for showers and parties. Well, the weather was AWFUL for pretty much every one. I had planned on wearing those white pants with a thin linen pale mint lacy top for this one. Well, it was way too cold for that and it looked ridiculous. So Saturday night before the shower, I was at Anthro buying every shirt in sight trying to figure out what to wear. I did finally figure it out. ;)

Kylie did the games. One was a continuing story that everyone wrote a line for and you could only see the line before yours. Then I had to read it. Everyone kept saying how racy it was and I was a little nervous to read it, but it turned out okay.

Then for the presents we played 2 truths and a lie. Some of them were pretty hard to figure out. Although my favorite was when Jamie said she ate lunch at CFA five days a week. Everyone was so confused! (She works for their corporate office.)

Lots of awesome gifts! Everyone was so generous for our entire wedding!

Love this door hanger from Jamie!

This casserole carrier was from a neighbor. Loved my new monogram and the colors!

Peaser got us a welcome mat so that everyone would know they could come it.

Monica got me, Mama and herself these awesome hangers for our wedding dresses. I loved that mine had the name and the date.

Ryan snuck in the middle of the shower. He had taken a early morning flight and just gotten in from Vegas. I was a little happy to see him.

So excited to join this family!





One Comment on “Wedding Shower #2”

  1. So fun! Love that casserole holder!

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