Making a Home

After we got back from the honeymoon, we had lots (and lots) of stuff to find places for in the apartment. We had 100s of wedding gifts that needed a place and I wanted to do a little decorating to make it a little more grown-up.

I hate decorating around TVs. I don’t really like to put artwork around them, but they just usually need something. But I saw on a blog a long time ago that they had put a shelf above their TV (this was waaaay before Young House Love had done it) and I really liked how it looked.

So off I went to Ikea! (I made sure to go when Ryan was out of town because Ikea is his own personal hell.)

I bought this picture shelf and then it sat in my car for 6 months. On top of things, I am not. My excuse was I didn’t have a drill and I asked for one for Christmas and got money for it, but never got around to actually buying it. See: previous statement. So I finally bought my drill and we I hung the shelf.

From left to right: a signed picture from David Mayfield (Ryan helped sponsor his latest album, so he sent all this cool stuff), one of our engagement pictures, a vase and candlestick I bought at Goodwill. Also, my QEII clock got a permanent home. (That is only of my favorite things I own.)

It already doesn’t look like that because the candlestick was too wide and it leaned against the wall so I switched it out. I bought 6 American flags at Target for $2 and put them in the vase for a little summer cheer. So it’ll probably keep changing, but that’s what’s fun. It’s my little version of a mantle.


One Comment on “Making a Home”

  1. Erika B. says:

    Love that shelf!! What a cute idea!!

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